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 Richard Wiener is the successful author of three books: "Check Please... & Hurry!, Truthful Stories Of Dates Gone Wrong," "Take My Date, Please!" and "I Have What??? One Man's Journey Through Breast Cancer."  Yes, they seem like topics with nothing in common but they are both topics of GREAT challenge. Many men can't face these obstacles head on yet alone wrap them up into books that are so  eloquently put.  One will make you laugh so hard you cry, the other....well there are tears of hope.  His style of honest truth and holding nothing back is a well received theme that handles both topics very well.  These books show such great perseverance when faced with challenges.  So whether you can relate to spry cougars with hidden agendas or you find yourself face to face battling cancer, you will enjoy one man's perspective when faced with life's challenges.   

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Take my date, PLEASE! !

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